Cut out Non-Value Added Tasks and Chores

Making the bed.

I cannot think of a more useless activity to do each morning.

Some people feel the need to make their bed each morning so that they have a neat bed to get into when they get back home.

Me, I find it really annoying and a waste of time.

I’m just going to get back into it again later at night

….and no one from Vogue is going to come by and photograph my home, now are they?

I’d rather sleep in longer, or take more time eating my breakfast.

It got me thinking about other time wasting activities:

  • Making sure every corner is spic and span on a window when I clean
  • Wiping water off dishes so I can put them away immediately
  • Cleaning every week. I do it bi-weekly, sometimes tri-weekly
  • Ironing underwear or jeans. Seriously? I know someone who does it

What other time wasting activities can you name? 🙂

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