Containing your Cosmetics

I don’t have a lot, so I tend to just spread them out on the counter, neatly organized and ready to go.

However, if you are a makeup junkie (or a makeup blogger!) you will need a semi-organized way to find all of your cosmetics without digging through a deep drawer somewhere, wondering where you put that great blue eyeliner you bought.

Note: I am just showing the pictures, but if you are creative in the dollar store, you can probably pick up a lot of these items that aren’t specifically customized for makeup, and use them instead.

These are just ideas.

Personally, I’d just cut down on my makeup stash 😉

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Use a kitchen drawer organizer

Like the ones for kitchen utensils.

They can be bought for cheap at the dollar store, or if you want to go fancy — The Container Store.

Office Organizers

Kat Von D Makeup Train Case

Standard fare in makeup organization. This one has a gothic flare to it.

Spinning Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

Microfiber Bag Organizers

Truly portable makeup!

Magnapods Magnetic Organizers

Stick it to the side of your medicine cabinet

A custom-made organizer for you REAL beauty junkies

This took my breath away from the sheer amount of makeup!

And while they look like plain ol’ cardboard boxes here (ooh another idea!) you can really customize it to exactly what you want, down to the style and material.

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