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  • 20 Awe-Inspiring Places.. How Many Have You Been To?

    20 Awe-Inspiring Places.. How Many Have You Been To?

    Tweet TripAdvisor is one of my favorite Travel websites and they did a very interesting feature about 20 amazing places. You can get more info directly on their website. How many have you been to? I’ve been to the Golden Pavillon (Kyoto, Japan) and Na […]

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  • Going After My Bucket List One Item At A Time

    Tweet It took me several weeks to get my bucket list done. There were several things that came to mind quickly because I’ve been thinking about them for so long. Others were items that I’m already working towards and that I know I’ll look back […]

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  • When Traveling: Hotel or AirBnB?

    Tweet By now, it’s unlikely that you’ve not heard about AirBnB. The website would still be considered new by most of us but it’s been gaining members by the millions and for good reason. It has helped  resolve a core problem. At any point in […]

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  • Does Tipping Make Life More Complicated?

    Tweet I don’t know about you but personally, knowing when and how much to tip often gives me headaches. When I go to a restaurant in my own city, I know what is common and generally give 15-20% depending on the quality of the service, […]

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  • My Bucket List

    Tweet Do you have your own bucket list? That list of things you’d love to do, experience or have in your lifetime? I’ve often heard about such lists in movies or even heard of a few friends who built one but I never did the […]

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