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  • Mandarin Oriental Hotels, A Must Try?

    Mandarin Oriental Hotels, A Must Try?

    Tweet I understand that I’m somewhat biased here. A few years, my wife and I were enjoying our honeymoon in Vietnam. We had scheduled to end our trip in Thailand but out of security concerns at that time, we changed our mind and decided to […]

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  • A Trip To Paradise?

    A Trip To Paradise?

    Tweet I mentioned a few months ago that I was paying a lot more attention to loyalty programs these days.  I’ve followed good advice in signing up for several different hotel, airline and other programs. I’m not joining all of them. But I don’t want […]

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  • Finding Time for Meditation When You Travel

    Tweet I love to travel. However, travel tends to put me off my schedule. Everything from when I work to when I eat is turned upside down by travel. Sometimes, it’s hard to find time for meditation when you’re on the go. The good news […]

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  • Where Does Your City Rank?

    Tweet I always love to look at studies like this. The Economist magazine does a ranking of the best cities in the world to live in. Not all cities are included (obviously) but they start from 150 major cities from all around the world. How […]

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  • Tips on living in a hotel

    Tweet Living in a hotel seems to be a big topic for the blog because it’s unusual so I’ll go over a couple of things I do to keep everything organized. You can also use some of the tips outlined below if you are traveling […]

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