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  • Having Dinner In Paradise?

    Having Dinner In Paradise?

    Tweet wow…. I’m speechless, this is dinner in the Maldives:) I do hope it happens at some point for me:)

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  • Most Expensive Cities In The World

    Most Expensive Cities In The World

    Tweet I always find it interesting to take a look at these rankings that are updated by the Economist magazine. They generally start with “New York City” and assign it a score of 100. Then, a city that costs 20% more would have a socre […]

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  • The Trip To Disney World And One New Bucket List Item

    The Trip To Disney World And One New Bucket List Item

    Tweet As most of you know, I published my own bucket list almost one year ago and I highly encourage all of you to do it. It’s incredibly inspiring for me to go look at the list every week, figure out what I have to […]

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  • Request For All Airlines – Please Don’t Make My Next Trip A Nightmare

    Tweet You might have heard that the FAA has finally relaxed its rules concerning the use of approved electronic devices on its airplanes. It’s no longer required to turn them off during the takeoff, the landing, etc. In fact, you can have them turned on […]

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  • Traveling with the Essentials – What I bring with me

    Tweet In 2011, I basically took the whole year off to fly and travel. It may not seem very minimalist to some of you, but these are things I am noticing are fairly light but pack a big punch in terms of functionality for flights. […]

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