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  • How to find the best bargains in London

    Tweet It would be fair to say that we are well and truly in the age of the bargain-hunter. The days of picking up the first thing we see in the shops are long gone – a bit of shopping around is usually needed. In […]

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  • Traveling with Young Kids: Experiences and Tips

    Tweet So, we made it! From December 30th to January 13th, we traveled to Costa Rica with our three young kids (5, almost 3, and 1 year old). It was a big challenge for me! As a beginner traveler and the only person capable of […]

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  • Help Wanted From Readers: How to Organise a One Week Travel for a Family of Five?

    Tweet It’s been awhile that I’ve discussed a travel topic over here. I think the reason is quite simple: I don’t know where to start! Fortunately, I have time ahead of me to organise my thoughts. I must admit I need your help as I […]

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  • Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Tweet Last weekend was awesome! We had a few activities planned over two days so we decided to sleep out at my sister’s house. However, it felt like a short vacation and we had to pack like a two day camping trip. We would not […]

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  • Minimalist Trip to the Extreme: Cycling Trips

    Tweet Since this blog started out back in 2009, traveling has always been an important part of it. Last summer, my spinning classes raised interest in cycling for me. I was curious to see what type of trips could be made on a bike and […]

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