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  • Study those ingredient lists!

    Tweet If you want to buy argan oil (which I love for my face), then make sure the ingredient list has 100% argan oil, rather than all these fillers with argan oil as the bottom ingredient. Let’s compare Sally’s Beauty Supply versus Josie Maran’s Argan […]

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  • Cataloging my Clothing onto my iPod Touch

    Tweet After my 2010 shopping ban, I came up with the idea of cataloguing my clothing onto my iPod Touch for easy access. Before I started the process, I didn’t realize how many grey sweaters I had until I did this. Although I felt each […]

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  • Why do you buy?

    Tweet Before minimalism and my debt, I bought for any of the following reasons: to impress others to feel important to fill a void in my life — a combination of voids actually to feel as though I had control over my life to get […]

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  • Stretching a Minimalist Wardrobe

    Tweet The secret? Wearing accessories. A new necklace, pair of earrings, ring, bangles, bracelets, watch, brooch or scarf can cause any outfit to turn from ordinary to well.. extraordinary. If you’ve followed me on my other blogs for a while now, you will notice that […]

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  • How your gifts are really valued

    How your gifts are really valued

    Tweet Don’t get me wrong, I think gifts are great and people who give them are generous and kind. It’s just that as a minimalist, it can be hard to say “No” to a gift because we really won’t use it and don’t want the […]

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