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  • 5 Tips to Help You Stop Buying Stuff

    Tweet Sometimes, it seems that buying stuff is a very really habit. You’re just in the habit of buying things, whether it’s for a collection, or you think you might need it later, or it’s on sale. Sometimes, you think that you need more stuff […]

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  • Make a ‘What Not To Buy’ List

    Tweet It just occurred to me the other day when going through my wardrobe and trying to do a heavy purge, that we always make lists of what to buy to fill up our wardrobe and make it complete. Or our lives for that matter. […]

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  • Take breaks to enjoy something longer

    Tweet Know how there’s a saying: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder“? Apparently that principle rings true for luxuries and pleasures of life as well. Check out this survey: Nelson & Meyvis (2008)┬áhad participants massaged for 3 minutes. However one group had a 20 second […]

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  • Do You Make “Impulsive” Purchases?

    Do You Make “Impulsive” Purchases?

    Tweet Every time I enter a Starbucks and see a line, it makes me wonder. Why in the world does a company that is generally so in “sync” with its users not make it easier. Starbucks has an app that I use to pay. It […]

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  • How to stop shopping when you feel like you can’t

    Tweet I’m sure for the new year, we all have good intentions (right?) such as saving more money this year, shopping less and NOT buying stuff you don’t need. …..but sometimes they can go awry when you are faced with the most amazing piece of […]

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