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  • How I organize my AwesomeNotes folders

    Tweet To recap, you can read about my love affair with AwesomeNotes for $3.99 in these posts. (Stupid name, great application) I am constantly trying to improve my organizational skills, which means I am always changing my folders, consolidating them, splitting them and trying out […]

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  • Don’t waste other people’s time

    Don’t waste other people’s time

    Tweet I’ve talked about not wasting your time on unproductive tasks, but consider that you should not waste others’ time either. Commit and follow through, or don’t commit at all. It is better to decline than to cancel on a promise. Nothing is worse than […]

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  • Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Tweet I’m a consultant, so generally I have to travel to different cities (hence the mobile minimalism mindset) and basically temporarily live where the clients are. Sometimes my expenses are paid, other times, I just ask for a higher rate and cover it out of […]

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  • Smart power cord bar design for outlets

    Tweet Nothing grates on me more than having to figure out a configuration for my power bar because it won’t fit my bulkier adapters. I usually remove a few items that I wanted plugged in and figure out another way to organize it, or I […]

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  • Do You Need a “Reset” Day?

    Tweet Recently, I’ve been experimenting a bit with productivity. As I’ve tried different strategies to improve my productivity and make more time for myself so that I can work on improving my health and overall wellness, I’ve felt better about my situation, and I’ve been […]

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