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  • Sports: Letting Go of The Bad Pressure

    Sports: Letting Go of The Bad Pressure

    Tweet If you follow me regularly on this blog, you know that I value physical activity in my life. I think practicing a sport or a physical activity truly helps being balanced psychologically and emotionally, as well as keeping a body healthy. However, performance is […]

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  • My Minimalist Exercise Plan

    My Minimalist Exercise Plan

    Tweet There have been periods in my life in which I was not that active, although I’ve always liked to be. I’m glad to notice that it’s been about three years that I would now really consider myself to be an active person. I never […]

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  • Returning to Meditation for Productivity and Health

    Tweet The last few months have been very hectic for me. As a result, I’ve been finding excuses not to meditate. Most of the excuses revolve around being “too busy” to make the time. However, as I’ve reviewed my productivity and my health the last […]

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  • Want to Get Better Faster? Take a Rest!

    Tweet When I start feeling sick, I have a tendency to try to “power through” whatever it is I’m doing. Unfortunately, that rarely works out as well as I would like. Often all that ends up happening is that I end up unable to properly […]

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  • Making Physical Exercise a Priority

    Tweet I’ve finally reached the point where I make physical exercise a priority. It’s been a long, tough road, with many fits and starts, but it’s finally happened. I finally make sure that I get in some form of physical activity every day — and […]

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