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  • Relationship Minimalism: Would You Be Richer as a Single?

    Relationship Minimalism: Would You Be Richer as a Single?

    Tweet Every now and then, when my husband spends money on something that I think is superfluous, I wonder what it would be like if my monthly financial obligations didn’t include him. I’m sure that he thinks something similar when I spend money on something […]

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  • Bringing the Focus Back to People

    Tweet Lately, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I’ve let my focus on people slip a little bit, particularly when it comes to my son. My son’s new schoolwork situation has prompted a little self-reflection, as well as the realization that I’ve been letting […]

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  • Even Introverts Need Social Interaction

    Tweet In a lot of circles, there’s this impression of the introvert as the loner. However, being an introvert isn’t really about disliking people, or not wanting social interaction. And, to tell the truth, introversion is something that often happens on a continuum, with extroversion […]

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  • Allow Yourself to Hit the Reset Button

    Tweet One of our unfortunate tendencies as humans is to hold on to past mistakes, or to beat ourselves up over the way things have been going. As you dwell on this difficulties, and as you berate yourself for not doing what you should have […]

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  • How Often Do You Give Compliments?

    Tweet One of the things I’ve been struggling with recently is negativity. As in, I’ve been more negative than I’d like to be. I’ve been trying a few things to get out of this funk, from feeling and expressing gratitude for what I have to […]

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