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  • Destroying A Taboo

    Destroying A Taboo

    Tweet I prefer advising you upfront: this post will be quite personal. It’s a general topic. It’s something I think we will all be facing at least one time in our life. It still is something very personal, very touching. I’m talking about cancer and […]

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  • Being a Feminist And a Masculinist?

    Being a Feminist And a Masculinist?

    Tweet It’s no secret that I live in Canada, an open-minded modern society who preaches equal rights for women and men. I’m proud to be part of a country in which it is possible for most women to enter the job they want. There still […]

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  • Hacking Life

    Hacking Life

    Tweet Last week, I watched this video of a young teenager, Logan LaPlante, explaining his “hackschooling”. You can watch it below, but in case you can’t access it, here is the overview. At age 9, Logan’s parents pulled him out of traditional school to have […]

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  • Do You Buy Brands that “Do Good”?

    Tweet When it comes to minimalism, one of the reasons given for making efforts to live with less is the “good” it does. From reducing your carbon footprint to cutting back on consumerism, many feel that applying minimalist principles in their lives can help make […]

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  • My Main Goal for This Year: More Time for Self-Improvement

    Tweet I’m very minimalist when it comes to setting goals each year. I prefer to set between one and four goals, and then work on those all year. Usually, the goals are somewhat “big,” and need to be broken down. This year, I’m pretty much […]

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