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  • Quote of the Day: Our Patience Will Achieve More than Our Force

    Tweet   A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how having kids won’t change you. Well, it seems that, sometimes, hard efforts turn into results. This morning, my oldest kid buttoned up his shirt alone, made his bed, and tidied up his bedroom. This morning […]

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  • Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Tweet This week I took (another) break from my spinning classes. At times, it is harder to keep up the pace. Its one of these periods for me. But that’s another story… What’s important is that kids were away that night so we decided to […]

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  • Labels are Not For People… brought to you by?

    Tweet   I usually don’t like making “free” advertisements here if they are not directly related to you readers, but this time I will. For only one reason: it is a very beautiful social message. Before I say more, I invite you to watch the […]

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  • When Was the Last Time You Felt Passionate?

    Tweet Last Monday, I went back to the stable for a horse-riding lesson. I have been riding for 20 years! I had to stop for a while because of slight health issues. As soon as I had my doctor’s approval for a soft comeback, I […]

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    Yeonmi Park’s Speech and Taking So Much For Granted

    Tweet Last Sunday, I opened up my Facebook to see what was new. Some words caught my attention: “Hell exists”. That was linked to a video. Quite impossible to not wonder what it was all about, right? I didn’t expect that. A charming young woman […]

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