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  • Quote of the Month: Nelson Mandela

    Tweet Nelson Mandela is a great inspiration to me. I was born Catholic. Still consider myself to be. But I’ve rejected many prejudices that were – supposedly – part of my religion or culture or nationality. I believe in the human. I admire human’s resilience […]

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  • Quote of the Month: Some People are So Poor All They Have is Money

    Tweet -Patrick Meagher I wanted to bring back the “Quotes of the Month” for some time, but always lacked time to really put myself into it. Time has now come! 😉 I thought this one was perfect for a minimalist blog and for the year […]

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  • Top 25 Pictures On Human Race

    Top 25 Pictures On Human Race

    Tweet At times, Facebook is inspirational for the part-time writer I am. I recently came across this Top 25 Pictures On Human Race for 2014, shared by a aunt. It has been made in France, so I’m sorry for those who can’t understand the sentences. […]

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  • Schools Around the World

    Tweet On October 5th, it was the World Teacher’s Day. I’m not really aware of what’s going on for other countries’ education program, but it is quite hard these days here. Government has made many controversial budget cuts in education, which leads to many discussions, […]

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  • Why Autumn is Important

    Why Autumn is Important

    Tweet I’ve always thought summer is overrated. Here in Canada, we have about 3 months of summer and then it’s over. I like summer, but I love autumn. Have you ever noticed how many plans, goals and dreams we put in these short 90 days? […]

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