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  • How Fast Could You “Start Over”?

    Tweet If tomorrow morning, you had to leave home for some reason and had only a few hours to pack up your stuff and leave for good, what would you want to bring? Keep in mind that you’d be leaving on an airplane so you […]

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  • The Possibles, Impossibles and Not Possibles of Life

    The Possibles, Impossibles and Not Possibles of Life

    Tweet Have you ever once said “That’s impossible!” in your life? I have. Many times, and I even do it to this day, still not having learned from my mistakes (although I’m getting better). It is always amazing to me that I can still utter […]

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  • Should you give up your hobbies to become a minimalist?

    Tweet READER SCOTT ASKED: What are your thoughts about minimalist with hobbies or extracurricular activities? Your blogs are a hobby to you, but what about craftsmen, musicians, collectors (not hoarders), travelers? Would a craftsmen need just a regular screw driver or a power tool? (have […]

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