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  • Quote of the Month: Nelson Mandela

    Tweet Nelson Mandela is a great inspiration to me. I was born Catholic. Still consider myself to be. But I’ve rejected many prejudices that were – supposedly – part of my religion or culture or nationality. I believe in the human. I admire human’s resilience […]

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  • Introducing Kids to Paying It Forward

    Tweet As a minimalist mom, I don’t like my kids to accumulate belongings as if it were their due. I would like them to realize how lucky they are to have so much. I also don’t like the accumulation part, period. My oldest is now […]

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  • Decluttering Baby Stuff When Still Expecting

    Tweet So I’m at it again! Baby #3 is on its way for January and that means more stuff to come in. Not a big thing, as we already have it all with the boys, but if it’s a girl then I’m in trouble! 😉 […]

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  • Kids Won’t Change You…

    Tweet True or false? That is a good question that I’ve been asking myself for a couple days. I guess both answers are right. Having kids did change me, a lot. Daily routine has clearly gone through many stages, priorities have changed, values have been […]

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  • Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Tweet Last weekend was awesome! We had a few activities planned over two days so we decided to sleep out at my sister’s house. However, it felt like a short vacation and we had to pack like a two day camping trip. We would not […]

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