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  • Launching the EM Newsletter: Readers’ Thoughts Wanted!

    Launching the EM Newsletter: Readers’ Thoughts Wanted!

    Tweet It’s been already a couple years that Everyday Minimalist can count on its regular readers. Many of you have shared their experiences on this blog or exchanged some thoughts. First of all, let me thank you deeply for this and for your fidelity. This […]

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  • Are Patents Costing the Tech Industry its Innovative Edge?

    Tweet On August 13, 2013, Money Morning weighed in on the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute that’s made its way to the United States’ highest office. The financial website was critical of patent wars, claiming that they cost far more than they save. “Patent […]

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  • The key factors of happiness

    The key factors of happiness

    Tweet All the condensed information below was taken from the article: The Economics of Happiness Happiness = Set Point + Condition + Voluntary Conditions Set Point = How happy you are to begin with, some people are just cheerier Condition = Ethnicity, Gender, Attractiveness, keeping […]

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  • Will You Miss Books?

    Tweet Today I read an incredibly interesting post by Seth Godin (one of my favorite blogs), you can see his post here: An end of books It got me thinking. Just a few years ago, I couldn’t imagine that books would actually disappear. Yet, here […]

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  • Death Sentence…

    Tweet Today, I wanted to share a statistic that I saw. I’m not entirely sure how to comment on it or even what to think. The US is a major critic of a few countries on this list for their civil right violations, inhuman treatment, […]

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