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  • Prejudices about collections

    Prejudices about collections

    Tweet Do we have biases on collections? After writing the post about when your collection becomes clutter, I’ve kept wandering back to my earlier post about Kyoichi Tsuzuki’s Happy Victims exhibition, because he has said some pretty profound things that made me re-evaluate my perceptions. In particular […]

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  • Minimalist Hotels

    Minimalist Hotels

    Tweet Not my cup of tea (am a tad claustrophobic) but I do find it interesting and efficient. I mean, what do we do in a hotel anyway? We sleep. We watch TV. We eat a bit. I’d prefer to have one big enough to […]

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  • A Minimalist Nativity Set

    A Minimalist Nativity Set

    Tweet Not exactly what I’d call charming, warm & fuzzy, but my inner minimalist loves it. You can probably play Jenga with them after Christmas Season is over. And I am totally loving the Baby Jesus block. 😛 Maybe we could even learn German while […]

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  • Are you a Happy Victim?

    Are you a Happy Victim?

    Tweet Came across the amazing work of Kyoichi Tsuzuki who has photographed Generation X Tokyoites in Japan who have been obsessed with a brand or designer. Apartments in Japan are generally pretty small compared to what you can find in North America and their homes […]

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  • Subway SANDWICH SHOP Locations across the U.S.

    Subway SANDWICH SHOP Locations across the U.S.

    Tweet I suppose the heavy usage of subways in the East is primarily due to the fact that settlers came from Europe using the ports on the East to settle into their new countries, and to slowly spread across the States. I love using buses […]

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