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  • Minimalism is Also an Iceberg!

    Tweet It’s not the first time that I see this image going by. However, it resonated to me more this morning. As much as I consider myself lucky for all that I am and have, I also know it didn’t totally come out of nowhere. […]

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  • Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Tweet This week I took (another) break from my spinning classes. At times, it is harder to keep up the pace. Its one of these periods for me. But that’s another story… What’s important is that kids were away that night so we decided to […]

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  • Minimalist Healthy Snacks for the Summer

    Tweet So there it is! Vacations are on their way, yippee! I was not rushed for them up until today as we’re leaving Saturday for a one week getaway to Cape Cod. The East Coast might not be paradise for some, but for us, living […]

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  • Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Short Travels: Suitcase for Kids

    Tweet Last weekend was awesome! We had a few activities planned over two days so we decided to sleep out at my sister’s house. However, it felt like a short vacation and we had to pack like a two day camping trip. We would not […]

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  • The Environmental Impact Hidden in Your Smartphone

    Tweet It was back in 2011 and I was totally in love with my new smartphone! I was all excited by the color, the shape and all it could do and I thought it was about time to get a phone with bluetooth so I […]

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