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  • 3 Minimalist Tips to Pet Proof Your Home

    3 Minimalist Tips to Pet Proof Your Home

    Tweet Pets are like toddlers that never make their way out of the curiosity stage. They get into trouble by destroying objects of value, chewing on houseplants that can harm them, and knocking over valuable keepsakes. For some people, the pet dander and hair aggravates […]

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  • The Logistics of Minimalist living

    Tweet The concept of living minimalism is something that sound appealing to many of us (and this has presumably fueled your journey to this blog). In terms of logistics, it’s not always straightforward though. Particularly if you happen to reside in a large house, which […]

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  • Do You Really Need It?

    Tweet When I refer to my minimalist sides, many people tend to confuse them with being cheap. To me it is more a matter of needs. Funny enough, a French-Canadian accountant just wrote a book titled “En as-tu vraiment besoin?” that could be translated as […]

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  • Moving to be More Minimalist

    Tweet Is it only me who reacts to the grayish November by looking at other homes? I don’t really why I do so as I’m pretty happy where I live and don’t expect to move quite soon. I guess it only brings in the color […]

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  • Minimalist Lifestyle – Short Essay

    Tweet   What it is People are unnecessarily complicating the lives thinking that they cannot survive unless they are in constant competition with friends, family and colleagues. The reality is that most of our forefathers have existed with significantly less than what we have today […]

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