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  • How much is too much? Is it ever enough?

    Tweet I’ve always wondered if there were rules concerning how many clothes or laptops were enough. To be fair, no one needs more than a couple of outfits a week and a laptop per person (if one at all), but with such an overabundance available […]

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  • Cloud Options To Consider

    Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I went over the pros and cons of gradually moving a lot of your files, paper and data to a cloud hosted environment. I’ve been trying out a few different services and I thought that I’d share my thoughts […]

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  • Is Minimalism Contagious?

    Is Minimalism Contagious?

    Tweet Some movements in recent years have taken off for many different reasons but a big one of course are how powerful social media has become. That and in the rise of the internet have made it so much easier for us to share, infect […]

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  • Quote of the Month: Coco Chanel


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  • Making Your Life Simpler – Minimalism Through The Clouds

    Making Your Life Simpler – Minimalism Through The Clouds

    Tweet    As part of my mission to end up with less stuff and to minimize the clutter in my life, I’ve also set myself on a mission to reduce the amount of paper in my life. Since I’m a big believer in technology and […]

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