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  • How to Use a Minimalist Approach to Debt Freedom

    Tweet Eliminating debt requires sacrifice and focus. In fact, you must be disciplined if you want to get rid of things that are not friendly to your budget. Each year, thousands of people decide that want to get out of debt. They adopt a minimalist […]

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  • The Minimalist’s Guide to Weddings

    The Minimalist’s Guide to Weddings

    Tweet Source: [Marisa Albrecht]( Being a minimalist isn’t only about having fewer things. It isn’t about the fact that you live in a small apartment, or that you’re creative about the way you use your space and storage. It’s not about saving money (for example, having […]

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  • Jobs where you can DIY… and the ones you really shouldn’t

    Tweet Honing and expanding your DIY skills isn’t just a great way to save money during tough economic times, there’s also that lovely feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from getting the job done well all by yourself. It’s empowering to feel that little […]

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  • Downsizing and Saving on Your Move

    Tweet For many years you’ve had your basement, attic, and garage filled with items and furnishings you’ve acquired over the years. Now you’ve decided that you’d like to scale back and take on a more minimalistic lifestyle. You’ve found a smaller home in another state […]

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  • Is Money a Good Reason to Turn Minimalist?

    Tweet There are some popular quotes when it comes to minimalism. Like “Less is more”, “Living with less, but only with the best” or “I’m being cheap like a minimalist”. Automatically, many people link minimalism to money. As if it was natural to join them […]

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