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  • Do You Use “To Do” Lists?

    Tweet After finally upgrading to an iPhone, I’m now trying to discover the interesting apps. One that I installed a few days ago is “lift”. It’s a very simple one. You simply select a few habits that you’re trying to take. For example, I added […]

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  • The Illusion of Being Busy

    The Illusion of Being Busy

    Tweet Often, in our society, we look up to those who are busy. If you aren’t practically buried under the load of things that you “need” to get done, you much not be a contributing member of society. We are supposed to be running from […]

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  • Stop Judging Others’ Lifestyle Choices

    Stop Judging Others’ Lifestyle Choices

    Tweet It can be easy to be judgmental of others’ lifestyle choices. I know: Sometimes I find myself judging those around me for what they find important. However, part of letting go of what others think about you and living life on your terms is […]

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  • What’s ‘Simple Living’ to you?

    Tweet A long time ago, I wrote this post called: “Living the Dream” on my other blog, and a reader wrote in that while it was nice they had all of that, it was not ‘simple living’ to her by any means. She also made […]

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  • Minimalism In Managing Online Accounts

    Tweet I’m probably an extreme. I have hundreds of accounts, some related to my emails, shopping accounts (Amazon, etc.), to my social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), my reward programs, insurance companies, etc. Add to that those related to my websites, and you easily reach several […]

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