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  • Do You Judge Non-Minimalists?

    Tweet We all like to have validation for our choices, and this includes the choice to live a minimalist lifestyle. Unfortunately, in our quest to feel as though we are doing the right thing by downsizing your living arrangementsĀ and de-cluttering your life, we often move […]

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  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    Tweet Last weekend, my wife and I did our first spring cleaning since moving into the new house. It was a bit overdue but we had been forced to push it back a few different times. It was our first one since moving to the […]

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  • Trading In Baby/Kids Clothes? Sounds Like A Great Concept

    Trading In Baby/Kids Clothes? Sounds Like A Great Concept

    Tweet As many of you know, I’m a new father… it does not feel as new now but my baby boy just turned 6 months old so I guess that even though short nights feel like they’ve been happening for a while, there are a […]

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  • Why Do You Buy the Things You Do?

    Tweet Recently, I bought my first iPhone. I’ve been against buying a smart phone for years, mainly because we have a home phone, and my Tracfone does well enough. However, my husband’s phone (an unlimited talk and text on a not-smart phone) finally began giving […]

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  • Love having photos around you but don’t want clutter?

    Tweet People always ask me what I do with photos when I travel or keep moving so often. Do I hang photographs of people I love, and which pictures do I choose to print and hang? My answer is that I don’t have photos I […]

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