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  • Applying Minimalism to the Holidays

    Tweet One of the great tests to a minimalist lifestyle is the holiday season. It seems as though everything about the holidays is designed to increase consumerism and clutter up your life. While there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with loved ones, and […]

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  • Another Minimalist Wallet: The Fold

    Another Minimalist Wallet: The Fold

    Tweet Simple and brilliant. Only cons: Doesn’t hold coins — I don’t normally have pockets in my clothes, being that designers NEVER give women pockets in fear of adding bulk to their hips Doesn’t hold cards A money clip could be even more minimalist but […]

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  • Add a Little Minimalism to Your Diet

    Tweet When we think of minimalism, we often think of getting rid of stuff and perhaps even cutting back on activities. However, it’s a little less common to consider how to create a more minimalist diet. Applying minimalist principles to the way you eat can […]

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  • 258 square foot lego-style transforming apartment in Spain

    Tweet This is such an interesting apartment because it employs one of the principles I try to keep for myself in the home — make as many spaces as possible do double duty. The video text says: When Christian Schallert isn’t cooking, dressing, sleeping or […]

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  • Music from a drycleaners

    Tweet By Diego Stocco. He recorded sounds from a dry cleaner’s equipment and made music out of it. Simple and beautiful! Via Swiss Miss

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