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  • Tips for Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur

    Tips for Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur

    Tweet Minimalism is the idea that less is more. Whether it be taking a minimalistic approach to the things they have, only keeping and buying the essentials, or adopting a minimalist approach when it comes to the way they live by moving into a tiny […]

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  • Digital Activities to Try in 2019

    Tweet Photo by Pixabay / Public Domain   In this technology-driven era, there’s no escaping the fact that the internet has made the transition to minimalist living a lot easier. These days, we’d have a hard time finding some everyday activity that we can’t improve […]

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  • Keep It Simple: How to Become a Minimalist Programmer

    Keep It Simple: How to Become a Minimalist Programmer

    Tweet When you have decided to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you begin to be more aware of the many aspects of our lives where minimalist approaches are useful to apply. As we experience the rise of advanced technological developments like the Internet of Things and […]

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  • 3 Tips to Find Comfy Bras

    Tweet When you look for underwear, it seems that you keep hitting the same dilemma. On one side, you could pick a bra that will make you look great and boost your confidence but will hurt or itch all day long. On the other, you […]

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  • 3 Tricks to Simplify Small Business Finances

    Tweet When you run a small business, simplification and minimalism are key to success. Unfortunately, finances are one area that can quickly get out of hand if not managed correctly. Apply these three tips to your enterprise to help manage finances with minimal hassle and […]

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