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  • The privilege of digital photography to preserve memories

    Tweet Whenever my nephews and nieces whine when I pull out my camera to snap a few shots of them, I always tell them: You will thank me when you’re older. I try not to spend the whole time taking shots because you want to […]

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  • Who says the Macbook Air can’t do double-duty?

    Tweet Not only is it compact enough to travel with or go to a coffee shop with, it CUTS VEGETABLES… and de-veins shrimp 😉 Note: I don’t recommend doing this with your Macbook Air. This is just for laughs, folks. Via Absolutely Fobulous

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  • Extreme Minimalism: Living in a Dumpster

    Tweet I read an article not so long ago about a 42 year-old artist, Gregory Kloehn, who completely transformed a dumpster into a functional home. Of course, it is a very small place to live in, but I’d be curious to spend a night in […]

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  • A solid 15-story hotel in China built in 6 days

    A solid 15-story hotel in China built in 6 days

    Tweet Quite impressive. It’s like a pre-fab building. Can’t say they aren’t efficient. “Case in point: this 15-story Ark Hotel in Changsha, China was literally built in six days. It’s level nine earthquake resistant, sound-proofed and thermal-insulated. Thanks to pre-made construction modules and modern construction […]

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  • Braille Reader by Wonkook Lee – The Snail

    Tweet Love this. I am not blind nor do I know anyone who is, but I can just imagine how hard it must be to have to constantly use your fingers to read rather than just your eyes shifting from one word to another. Via […]

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