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  • Movable Type Rubik’s Cube

    Movable Type Rubik’s Cube

    Tweet Typophile Shaun Chung created this Rubik’s cube stamp featuring Chinese characters that combine to form verses from a traditional children’s poem. The text I used for my cube is called “Three Character Classic.” It is a traditional Chinese text that teaches young children to […]

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  • Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Tweet I rather like the packaging of those Nutella jars that can be reused as cups afterwards: You just rip off the top and clean it out to use it like a mug. Or keep the top (I don’t know if can be kept) and […]

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  • A smarter keyhole

    Tweet Forget about it just being for drunks. I’d like this in everyday life when I can barely fit the key into the slot because it’s at a strange angle and/or not at eye level! Via Meta Picture

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  • Nutella Jars turn into great drinking glasses afterwards

    Nutella Jars turn into great drinking glasses afterwards

    Tweet Isn’t this brilliant? In France, Nutella comes in drinking glasses with just a simple lid. After polishing off a jar, you keep the glass, and ta-dah! Free drinking glass. That, is awesome. Why don’t we have that here? And for more products? Via Secrets […]

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  • Picturing Social Order in a Shirt

    Picturing Social Order in a Shirt

    Tweet What a brilliant idea and design. Quite symbolic. In case you can’t read it: Higher managerial and professional occupations: 10.2% Lower managerial and professional occupation: 21.9% Intermediate occupations: 10.4% Small employers and own account workers: 7.3% Lower supervisory and technical occupations: 9.6% Semi routine […]

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