Bucket List of Realistic Dreams

So, we’ve all seen it in the movies and read about it in magazines. But have you got one? A Bucket list is simply a list of all the things you would love to do before you die. Crossing them off as you achieve each item on your list gives you a sense of satisfaction and enthusiasm knowing your life goals are being fulfilled. It can be fun to make one, why not give it a go? Some leave it until it’s too late in their life or they become too ill to fulfil their dreams in life and wish they had done something sooner while they had the health. I suppose life is all about taking chances at times but it’s still great to plan ahead and get the most out of living to the full.

Get Creative

A good start is always getting pen to paper. Make time for a good brainstorming session, this might require you picking the right environment in order to think clearly. Dream big! But not too big. You want your list to be achievable so avoid things that have a very slim chance of ever happening. Such as dinner with George Clooney or winning a Nobel peace prize (unless you are super famous or super special!). Maybe consider what you would like to do in the areas of Relationships and Family, Skills, Travel, Career, Physical achievements and Experiences. There are no limits. Although, realistically consider cost. If something you wish to do is very expensive, will you ever have the funds to be able to do it? It would be helpful for you to look at others lists for ideas. The Bucket List is all about you enjoying experiences and having the time of your life, not just being able to say you have done or achieved something. So, get creative and think big.

Making it Happen!

Once you have made a rough list of your wishes and ideas you can start to to sift through where you would like to start. Separate the achievable from the unattainable. You can add to your list at any time as the years go by (as long as you keep your bucket list easily accessible) and swap and change things as your tastes and desires change. Start by trying to make your smaller and more achievable goals a reality first and you will be motivated to keep your list handy and add to it as you continue getting ideas. Once you start crossing off the things you have done you are more likely to to succeed in making the remaining things happen. Why not print a copy of your list on a nice bit of paper and keep it in a place you will keep notice of it? This is a list of your life’s great experiences so it’s well worth keeping it on display. Don’t let it be a list that’s made and then forgotten about as time passes, make the things on your bucket list happen. Remember, the smaller your list, the better your chances are of working towards achieving the items on it.

Don’t get stuck in a rut

Having a bucket list can mean more to you than just a life list of things you would like to do. It can be life changing as you work toward your dreams in even the little things that you do each day. Keeping your goals in mind and in sight is good for your overall wellbeing and can mean you take opportunities and chances that you may not have taken otherwise.

Try not to come up with a list of an exact number, such as 100 items, it will only end up losing it’s meaning. Remember these are your life dreams and you don’t need a specific number of them. Also, it’s good to be specific. For instance, “Eating Healthier” or “Be more Generous” would be too vague. On the other hand, things such as “Visit Norway to view the Northern lights” or “learn how to play Clare De Lune on piano” would be good things to include that are specific.

Overcome some fears and live a little more

Why not use the bucket list to reinvent yourself? There may be some phobias and fears that you have always had but you’ve never quite got the better of them. It could be fear of heights, open spaces, being out at sea or a certain terror associated with an animal. If you chose activities that challenge your fears it will not only make your bucket list more varied and interesting, it could change your life. Research has shown how beneficial it is for us to conquer our fears and face them head on. Not only does it give us the sense of accomplishment, it can improve our wellbeing and enable us to prevent depression and other forms of mental health.

One man who had such a huge fear of sharks, refused to swim in the open sea. This held him back profusely while on holiday with family and friends. He decided to include a challenge on his bucket list, swimming in the sea from the bay at Newquay, Cornwall (a location he thought was most likely to be shark free!). After doing this there was no stopping him! He swam while on holiday all over the world, even taking the plunge and entering a shark cage to overcome his fears even more! He found the whole experience totally liberating, so be sure to include fear fighting items to your list.

It’s your list, do what you want to do

So, start to dig deep into the desires and dreams you have always wanted to make a reality. Whether it be swimming with Dolphins in the open sea, visiting Mickey Mouse and having your picture with him taken at Disney World or seeing the full moon sitting on top of the Eiffel Tower on a clear night, it’s up to you. Later on in life you will find yourself thinking about your retirement and even making funeral plans (which you could make super creative if you wanted to). So take time to plan now how you want to fulfil your dreams. They do come true, but you have to make them.



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