Beautiful Rooms: Inspiration from the Best of 2010

Just because I’m a minimalist who wouldn’t want to tote around a couch or some armchairs, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate beautifully designed rooms 😉

Here are my favourites from Apartment Therapy’s Roundups:

I love that little pug statue with the necklaces. Adds a nice whimsy.

There’s something really pleasing about neatly folded white towels, and trios of products.

I find the counters too short. Not long enough (or maybe it’s just the camera angle), but the fridge tucked into the wall is nice.

Also something delicious about a row of books neatly stacked, even though I know moving with them would be a hell of a task.

I love the deep wood floor, but I’m not sold on the moving island. I hate movable tables and chairs.

Hate the animal head. Love the stacked wood beside the fireplace.

Something very rustic and pleasing about the whole set up.

Normally I’d hate the black walls, but they work. In a modern IKEA way.

Absolutely LOVE this. Pillows on the floor? Be still my heart.

I think the curtains and that armchair are what I really like about this shot.

The rest can go.

Here’s an example of what I’d prefer to see in the space above.

First, this is everything I’d nix.

Clumsily, this is what it looks like, edited in MS Paint with all that stuff gone.

I feel like this is a better space for my aesthetic. 🙂 Am still mulling over that armchair, but I like the print.

(Yeah I have too much time on my hands. It’s the holidays, so sue me.)

You know who’s minimalist space I love the best?

Steve Jobs’ in 1982 of course

STEVE JOBS AT HOME IN 1982 — “This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” —Steve Jobs

..and Joshua Milburn’s of The Minimalists:

So open, clean and airy. Ideal. 🙂

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