Avoid the Crowds on Black Friday

One of the practices that has practically become a Thanksgiving tradition is shopping on Black Friday. How often have you gone out on Black Friday, lining up to attempt to get a great deal or try to get all of your shopping done? However, if you’re like me, it’s not a lot of fun to head out there on Black Friday and fight the crowds. I rarely find anything that is worth the trouble of braving Black Friday crowds.

If you want to avoid the crowds on Black Friday, here’s how to do it:

Black Friday

Don’t Buy Anything

This is the most obvious way to avoid Black Friday crowds. Just don’t go buy anything in the first place. For many, though, this is tougher than it sounds. First of all, we’re conditioned as a society to shop during the holiday season. On top of that, we are also taught to do what it takes for a discount. Combine the conditioning to shop, as well as the competitive nature of getting a deal — and getting it first — and you end up with a situation that practically encourages the sort of displays of often-aggressive┬áconsumerism that we are accustomed to on Black Friday.

You can avoid this altogether by not buying anything at all. Examine why you are shopping on Black Friday, and what you hope to gain from it. Does it really make sense for you to go out an buy anything? Will it really make your life better? Are you really saving that much money? In many cases, there is no reason to buy more stuff, and opting out of Black Friday can be a better way to save money and reduce your materialism.

Shop Online

If you do feel as though you really do need to buy something on Black Friday, it can make sense to shop online, rather than going out. In many cases, you can find plenty of good deals online, so there is no need to head out on Black Friday to shop in a physical location. My husband occasionally snags a “lightning deal” online during the holiday shopping season. It prevents us from heading out into the crowds, saves us money, and it’s even great that the items are delivered right to our door.

Support Local Businesses — On a Different Day

Of course, the downside to shopping online is that you might not be able to support local businesses. While some small businesses have websites that allow you to shop online, the reality is that many don’t. If you want to support local businesses, consider doing your necessary holiday shopping at those locations, but you can go on a different day. Many business participate in “Small Business Saturday,” and there are numerous opportunities to shop at smaller shops throughout the holiday season. You can still usually get good savings without shopping on Black Friday, and you can support local businesses to boot.

Reconsider your habits, especially those related to shopping and spending money. You might discover that you don’t need to spend as much, or buy as much, as you thought.

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