Allow Yourself to Hit the Reset Button

One of our unfortunate tendencies as humans is to hold on to past mistakes, or to beat ourselves up over the way things have been going. As you dwell on this difficulties, and as you berate yourself for not doing what you should have done, it can bog you down. You can end up in a negative place that can sap your will to continue, and that can even trap you in a cycle of regret and hopelessness.

When you are so trapped, it’s hard to move forward with hope, and with the will to get things done. This is why I’m a big fan of occasionally hitting the reset button. Sometimes you just need reset days to help you adjust your attitude.

Right now, I am in the midst of a reset. I’ve had a rather challenging few months, with a number of life upheavals, and I’m ready to just move forward already.

Reset button

Starting Fresh

Of course, today doesn’t look a whole lot different than yesterday in the grand scheme of things. I still work from home, and there are still the daily items that make my life what it is. What’s different is that It’s the start of a new month, and that gives me a chance to take a deep breath, and move on from the previous months. The clients are invoiced, the bills are paid. It’s time to face forward instead of grumbling about what I still have to do.

In fact, there were some things that I just dropped off my to-do list when September ended. I decided that they were things that I didn’t actually want or need in my life, and that I could just leave them be. It felt pretty good.

This works for grudges, too. If you’ve been letting your negative thoughts toward someone else weigh you down, now is a good time to let those grudges go. Take a deep breath and try to stop worrying about what others are doing and saying. Figure out what you want with your fresh start and move forward.

Make Progress

Your reset should also allow you to start making progress. You can’t move forward effectively if you are still burdened with the unnecessary baggage of the past. Remind yourself that you don’t need to be at your destination right now. You are just starting out, hitting the reset button. Now is your chance to start tracking your progress and acknowledging your victories going forward. Be ready to define progress on your own terms, and try not to worry about what others think.

You don’t have to remain stuck in your rut. You can break out of it. But you have to hit that reset button. I’m letting go the last five months. While I had some great experiences, and learned a lot, I need to stop dwelling on it, and move forward with my new life here. I’m hitting the reset button mentally as well as physically, and I’m ready to make my life even better.

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