Adding To My Bucket List: Seahawks Home Game

It took me several hours to be able to write down my initial bucket list. I had the vast majority of those ideas in my head but trying to write them down, deciding what would make the cut from what wouldn’t. Now, I try to look over the list on a weekly basis or so. Why?
It inspires me to see all these amazing projects that I will likely accomplish in the coming years
Gain appreciation: I’m the first guy to always be looking for the next thing, the next trip, etc. But thinking back on amazing things that I experienced is just as amazing and easier to do
Keeps me on track: Some of these things are fairly down the road but there are others that I’m already working on so it’s very important for me to keep track of those and be certain that I’m making progress. Things like running a marathon or learning a language will take time and preparation so I need to keep preparing for those.

Adding An Item To My List: Seeing The Seahawks At Home

As many of you know, I’m a football fan. I also love Seattle. So going to a home game in what is generally considered the loudest stadium in the entire league. To see a game in an amazing atmosphere would certainly be a memorable experience.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress:)

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