A Trip To Paradise?

I mentioned a few months ago that I was paying a lot more attention to loyalty programs these days.  I’ve followed good advice in signing up for several different hotel, airline and other programs. I’m not joining all of them. But I don’t want to feel forced to go to one specific brand just because of the points. I prefer gathering points for a few different programs, which will take me longer but will mean I’m not overpaying. Anyway,  I’ve been accumulating points in a few programs but the two that currently stand out are:

Hilton Hhonors (hotel)
Aeroplan (associated with Air Canada)

I’m slowly but surely gathering points and started looking into what I could eventually do with all of those points, even if it’s 3-4 years down the road. What did I come up with? How about a trip to paradise?

Hilton has a resort in the Maldives which is far far away from where I live, but looks absolutely incredible. I’ve read about the place, the actual resort, and have seen nothing but rave for the resort. Seeing photos doesn’t exactly contradict it does it?

The big question for me isn’t really about the money but rather when or how I can get there. I’d likely have a 30 hour trip which would be fine for just my wife and I, but with a second kid on the way? I’m not exactly certain! An alternative which is closer and looks just about as amazing would be going to Bora Bora (French Polynesia) which is probably more realistic. But adding the Maldives to my bucket list would make a lot of sense. I can’t imagine that I won’t be able to make it at some point.

You might think that getting there with points will take me a decade? Not exactly! After less than 2 years, I have 48% of the points necessary for 5 free nights at this resort as well as 29% of the miles for the travel.

A trip to paradise? Absolutely… it will happen:)

Have any of you gone to the Maldives or French Polynesia?

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