A small space works for many uses, if you use dividers

Many people find studio apartments weird.

You’re eating, cooking, sleeping and working in the same area.

When guests come over, they feel like they’re intruding into your private bedroom (or so it may seem).

The best solution I have found to this, is to use room dividers.

Right now, we have the kitchen table against the wall, and I use it ask my desk.

Seriously, BF can’t even squeeze on there with a plate unless I tidy up.

(I am a nester. I like to nest with papers and hard drives with big mug of tea all around me).

But when guests come over, the office table I use, turns into a dining room table (which I clean off first, of course).

So all we do, is pull the office/kitchen table from the side of the wall, and stick up a wall divider like this:

And tah-dah!

Your guests no longer see your bedroom, nor feel uncomfortable, as it feels like there’s a separate dining area just  for them. 🙂

Be inventive with other pieces of furniture too

If you live with a roommate in a small space, I have also seen students share a space with a large Ikea cubby shelf dividing the room into two mini bedrooms.

And I cannot find an image, but this is how it works:

Each person takes 2 columns of each side (either right or left), and puts up a long piece of Bristol Board, blocking off their roommate’s set of cubbies.

This means each person on either side has 2 columns of cubbies to use.

And their roommate’s two columns of cubbies are unusable for them, and covered with a piece of blank board where they can pin up their school schedule or write notes to themselves.

Here are some other room divider ideas:

And this one is a photo imaged curtain of the room behind it! How neat.

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