A New Beginning

Many of you have been reading this blog for months and sometimes even years. Maybe you also read or have been on FabulouslyBroke. If so, you might have seen that both blogs were sold a few weeks ago to Mike (aka TFB) and I. Mike and Shawanda have started writing with FB also on board with a lot more to say. This blog was also part of that deal but Mike will not be the one writing here. Instead, it will be me. Who am I? I sometimes write on TFB as the “silent partner”, I’m much more in the background of our online company working on other¬†projects¬†and other aspects. Mike has been my best friend for a decade or so now (time flies by!) and when we bough these 2 blogs, it was obvious that I’d be the one writing on EverydayMinimalist while he would take on the challenge on FB.

Who Am I?

First a quick intro, my name is Pete, I left my twenties just a few months ago, after getting married. Now, my wife and I are expecting our first child, a baby boy that should bring a lot of (great!) change along with a few sleepless nights near the start of June. I have been incredibly fortunate in my life. I was able to travel a lot, both during school and during vacations, live abroad, meet the love of my life, have truly amazing friends and a caring family. Really, I can’t complain.

That being said, like most of you I imagine, I am always trying to improve myself, to bring more happiness to my wife, my family and friends and of course to myself. I’ve tried many different things and still to this day read a lot in order to have a more fulfilled life. At some point, I stumbled across minimalism and loved so many different elements of it. Since then, I’ve been gradually applying more and more concepts to my own life.

How Everyday Minimalist Related To My Mininalism Philosophy

It’s not by luck that today I’m writing on this blog. I think minimalism, like almost everything is unique to each person. What I perceive as a minimalist lifestyle and philosophy could be very different from what you or others would. This blog and its train of thought rings especially true to me. I have many points in common with the current author (which I’ll name EM here) including the belief that we do not need much to be happy, that having a simple life makes everything else so much easier, love of travel, etc. I also truly appreciate and share the belief in buying less things but of good quality that will enjoyable to use and will last longer. Why? Because having more stuff is a major drag, gives me less time to spend doing the things I love with those around me.

There are also differences of course between myself and EM. First off, I recently bought a small townhouse with my wife and we have a kid coming. Those two small facts will certainly make it much more of a challenge to live according to my minimalist philosophy. I can already imagine those new toys and clothes being given by family and friends. Having a new townhouse with more space than our apartment has been amazing but it also creates the temptation to buy useless stuff or to hold on to things that I truly do not need.

What I’d Like To Talk About

I love this blog, I love the small thoughts, concepts, images, everything about it. I hope to bring more of the same with a different perspective. I will also be able to discuss with many of you the challenges, thoughts and questions (especially as I get ready to embark on this new adventure). And I will be writing once per week, with much more to come from EM on other days:)

So that’s it for today, I’m really excited about this new start and look forward to hearing your feedback:)


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