A Minimalist’s Piece of Art

As you all know, I am really not a fan of decoration.

I don’t like little statues, knickknacks or anything I have to think about packing gently, dusting or not knocking over with my clumsy and awkward body movements

(yes, I actually bump into DOORS, people, and I am not talking about the band *sis boom bah!*)

I once said that my kind of decorating, was changing my wallpaper desktop or getting my talented parents to paint/photograph something to put on my walls.

So it may come as a surprise to know that I recently purchased some art.

Yes, ACTUAL ART… although it isn’t art in the conventional sense. It’s wearable art, my favourite kind.

I was browsing some vintage shops, feeling thoroughly uninspired because everything is far too big for me, when I came across the most amazing Japanese traditional silk kimono I’ve ever seen.. and a purple obi belt that seemed to fit perfectly with it.

Can you just imagine this on the wall?

It is taller than me and I’m 5’4″. I’d peg it at 6′.

When I put it on, it’s a good foot and a bit too long. The top part is also way too large (or so I think, WTF do I know?)

The sleeves are divine, as they hang and have a nice thick feeling to them.

It’s a real, bonafide Japanese kimono.

It is so well done that the patterns and the images of the cranes match up at the seams. You don’t get a disjointed half head of a crane on one panel of fabric without its body.

I am gathering by the inner pinky-red lining, it was made in the 1950s/1960s. Not antique yet, but vintage for sure 🙂 I’m so thrilled!

Just look at the colours and the beauty of the silk. I die.


This red crane right in front is embroidered, which means you can run your fingers over it and feel the raised pattern of the crane. It’s so luxurious.

The obi I know is “nagoya-style obi” because it isn’t fully-patterned all over and it’s stitched to to keep one section halved, and the other side is un-stitched to be opened up to show the full design to be tied into a bow at the back, like so:

Look at it paired with the obi. It’s sublime and it probably goes against all kinds of rules regarding mixing these colours properly and traditionally to reflect the seasons and feelings.

Whatever. I think that pale seafoam green looks killer against that deep rich purple and I am in love with it.

If anyone knows anything about kimonos, I’d love to know more about the one I’ve just purchased.

All I can guess is that it’s from the 1950’s/60’s and it is crazy beautiful.

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