A Minimalist’s Kitchen and Cooking Utensils

These seem to be pretty popular posts! You’ve seen my “office” and my fridge. Now how about my kitchen and my pantry? 🙂

I guess it’s like when I like seeing people’s homes and how they organize — it’s voyeurism at its best! (Or when they go shopping. I always ask for pictures. :P)

All right, moving on and off my soapbox: this is my kitchen for now.

More information on my actual pantry stock and needs in a follow-up post.

For the images that you can’t read, you can click on them to make them larger.

You may be wondering at this point why we have everything in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Well, it’s because we’re about to move in a month and a half.

We COULD unpack everything, and we do for some things, but it’s just easier to keep things organized and in their packing boxes so we can throw a lid on top and leave.

And yes, if we stay at one spot for 6 months or more, we unpack. We would probably unpack everything into the drawers and the shelves.

BF calls it our Kitchen-to-Go (trademarked! Just kidding.)

As you can see, we keep things semi-organized in large tubs that are originally used to house dry goods.

Everything is in containers, everything is separated by its function (spices & stuff in one, utensils for the most part, in the other)

These are our utensils in general. If you want to know what else is in the box, read the first image of the post.

We don’t have many pots and pans. 3 pots, 1 pan. But we also supplement by using their items provided to us.

You’d be surprised what we can cook with just these 4 pots.

We might not even need one of the smaller pots to be frank. We could probably get by on 2 pots and 1 pan.

BF makes crepes for example, by turning the saucepan over and using the back of the saucepan like a crepe pan.

I only miss our Paella pan. But those pots and pans are for really special occasions and we can make “mini” Paella in our large saucepan.

I find the provided pots to be substandard for the most part, but they’re handy for smaller meals.

Here is where our obsession with tupperware comes in.

We REALLY use it for everything.

One large bowl.

Everything we are currently NOT using is packed away, such as my immersion blender, which I ended up loving although I find it a bit bulky and heavy, I like the power it gives and it makes hummus a snap.

Here’s a vegan breakfast I made with that blender. Some people commented on how gross it looks, but that green is the only offputting colour.

The actual taste of my pumped up hummus = FANTASTIC.

I love adding zucchini to it, experimenting and making traditional hummus-lovers cry “bloody murder!” in their corners.

Coming up next, a Minimalist’s Pantry!

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