A Minimalist’s Inspiration for an Organized Bathroom

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Reader Tamala asked:

I was wondering if you had any ideas or pics for/on a Minimalist’s bathroom/beauty room.

I am trying to minimise how much product- cosmetic, fragrance, accessories I keep in the bathroom so it looks clean and simple but still has specks of my personality in it.

If you are interested, I posted about what was in my medicine cabinet here on my other blog.

Key Elements of a Minimalist Bathroom

You don’t have a lot of stuff to begin with.

If you’re starting out, and you do, then put a temporary ban on yourself from buying or trying out any new products until your old ones are done.

2 years ago, you would have seen a bathroom packed with half-used products.

Now, I force myself to finish everything I have (or donate it if I will never use it) before buying anything new.

What you do have, is one of each item.

One shampoo. One conditioner. One bar or dispenser of soap.

If someone in the family has dandruff for example, then another dandruff shampoo can be acceptable.

However, if you are just keeping shampoo bottles for different smells or purposes, you are just adding to the clutter.

And P.S. you do not need “clarifying” shampoo or “moisturizing shampoo”.

A good shampoo is perfectly fine to use all the time.

Just cut back on your hair products and you will find that your hair will go back and balance itself naturally without extra, unnecessary help.

You keep the surface fairly clear of products.

White space is your friend.

You need to keep these areas clear of products, so that whatever you do decide to display (perhaps a beautiful perfume bottle) takes center stage.

These bathrooms are great at hiding away items for practical use such as hidden panels or medicine cabinets, and without many items, it is easy to store it all.

You arrange things neatly

Even if no one sees it — you do.

It’s why my bottles in the hidden panel are always arranged in some manner.

Instead of just tossing a towel into the basket, roll it up and tuck it in.

Same with toilet paper rolls — stack them instead of just throwing them in.

Use baskets and boxes to help.

This is my bathroom:

BF is on the left side, I am on the right.

I put the items I use a lot on top:

And everything else is arranged in the panel below:

Yes, that is a box of baking soda to the right.

I use it to exfoliate my face by mixing it in with my facial cleanser, and as a toothpaste.

I am slowly working to eliminate 2 items out of the array below, but these bottles just won’t end! 🙂

As for inspirational images, enjoy!

(Yes, I am a geek and I save and collect any image that I think might be interesting or inspirational for future use).

I like this one because of the little cubby holes for storage.

I find a lot of organized bathrooms (this one has too many products for me), have things that are hidden away.

This one for example is a medicine cabinet with a mirror in front.

Close it, and you can’t see a thing.

One soap dispenser, one lotion.

Other items needed are in a neat basket on top of the toilet.

Shampoo and conditioner are in the bathroom cubby holes.

This one is quite romantic.

It has more stuff, but it doesn’t look super cluttered to me.

I like the design on the cabinets too.

Many minimalist bathrooms have lots of these glass or metal canisters to hold everyday items like cotton balls or cotton swabs.

(But why they have 2 cotton swab containers is beyond me)

It keeps everything very apothecary-like and clean.

Another cubby hole idea.

This is truly minimalist, but where’s the soap!?

His and Hers sides.

Things are usually arranged in a pleasing manner to the eye.

Note the canisters arranged by size?

This is like a closet/bathroom.

I just like the idea of decorating a bathroom space with your favourite bags or items.

Plus it might make dressing in the morning easier if you can grab it all at once here.

More neatly rolled towels and canisters.

I like the little hook idea to hang brushes and other things.

Very spa-like.

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