A Green Christmas Tree: Happy Holidays!

Okay so this one isn’t green but it’s AWESOME by not martha. It’s a Christmas Tree Ornament MOBILE 😀 😀

Can we say freaking awesome/beautiful? I’d love to do this instead of getting a tree. I think I might have found my “minimalist tree” and decoration for future Christmases.

All right. Next is an eco-friendly one made from 100 bicycles.

An Australian shopping center has transformed 100 doomed bicycles into one of the world’s stranger Christmas trees, a 23-foot-tall metal monument to holiday shopping.

The bikes were painted green, while the wheels were given a multi-colored makeover to resemble Christmas tree lights.

For the past two years, Sydney’s The Rocks area has featured a mind-blowing Christmas tree made of recycled materials. In 2008, the chosen medium was chairs, 2009 was the year of recycled bottles, and this year organizers went for bicycle parts.

The bikes were donated by a local recycling company, and will be given back after the holiday.

Via Fresh Pics.

Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season. Please enjoy the season safely and do not drink and drive.

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