How Much Do You Invest In Yourself?

This morning, I ended up reading a very interesting post about “the best investment you can make”. It had been mentioned by a financial website that I visit so I expected to get some discussion about buying stock of Google or Microsoft, etc. It wasn’t. The article from Harvard Business Review discussed the idea that there is no better investment than investing in ourselves.  That got me thinking.

School Is One Thing

Most of us invest in ourselves for a decade or more while we go to school. We invest time and money in order to get an education that will hopefully lead to a better job and making our life that much more enjoyable. It’s an easy investment to make because we are usually encouraged to do so by our parents and by the society in general.

What’s Next Though?

Yes, I did have a few courses that were either paid or helpful for my work. Doing the CFA program was by far the top investment I made in myself outside of school. It did pay off and helped me land a job that I love. Since then though, I have not been as good about investing myself. Reading this article got me thinking. I’ve wanted to do things such as :

  • spend more time with my family
  • improve my tennis skills
  • learn Vietnamese
  • learn to code
  • learn to be a decent golf player

I have not always followed through though. Perhaps if I start following through by looking at it from a fresh “investment” perspective, it will help me do so.

What I Will Invest

I will start off by investing my most precious resource: setting time aside but also see what kinds of investments (besides time) could help me in my goals. Maybe it’s having a tennis coach or a Vietnamese teacher. Having one on one help is a luxury but I do know it makes a world of difference and I’d love to invest in it. Perhaps subscribing to an online course that will help me commit or follow through. There are many different options but it’s something that I will look into.

How Do You Invest In Yourself?

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