Do Home Organization Products Really Help?

One of the essential tenets of minimalism is de-cluttering.

The point is to de-clutter your home and get rid of the things that are unimportant to you, and that serve no useful function.

However, chances are that you will still have some things. After, all you don’t have to get rid of all of your things to be a minimalist, or to live by minimalist principles.

What you will want to do with those things, especially if you live in a smaller space, is organize them so that you make more efficient use of the space you have, and so that your whole home has a less cluttered feel.


Using Home Organization Products

Oddly enough, buying something new can help you in your quest to de-clutter your life. Proper organization can be a big bonus when it comes to finding the space for the things you really want, and the things that you need.

However, you do need to be judicious as you decide to use home organization products. In some cases, they are not very helpful to your cause, and just cause more trouble over the long run.

Your first step is to figure out which areas need the most help, and which areas will most benefit from the purchase of a home organization product. Other than the silverware holder in one of my drawers, I don’t bother with drawer organizers. We don’t have enough things in those drawers to make it worth it to buy an organizer. However, if you have a lot of little things that you keep in drawers, and you are constantly sifting through them to find what you want, it can make sense to use a drawer organizer.

What I do like, though, are closet organizers. I like to be able to stack things in the closet downstairs. It’s where we keep our games, and other items. Adding a rack makes it easier to store more games and other items effectively.

My husband and I have a closet that was built with shelves and organizers, and it has been great. I’ve also found it helpful to have a shoe rack. When we lived in an apartment, my husband and I used a cabinet organizer designed to sit over the toilet. It was a God-send. I also know those who swear by over-the-door organizers that keep items from cleaning products to beauty care to shoes properly organized.

Take a look at your space, and decide what is most likely to work for you. Then, determine if it will really help you better organize your possessions. I like closet organizers because it keeps items out of the main living areas. If you want open space, a good organizer can help you keep more in hidden spaces, like closets, and out of the spaces that you move through regularly.

The right home organization products can help you keep your home better organized, help you find what you are looking for, and help you avoid cluttering your home with unnecessary items.

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