Giving Stuff Away

In my challenge to diminish the amount of stuff in my house, despite having a 5 month old, I’m often discussing with my wife as she is less inclined to “get rid” of certain items. We usually discuss it and one thing that often comes up is the possibility that these items might turn out to be useful at some point.  Over time, we have been getting better at finding good use for our stuff instead of getting rid of it. This makes me feel better about having less stuff in the house and my wife is happy to have these items used.

How Are We Giving It Away?

-Giving To The Poor: For clothes and many other items, we have been able to give it away to those in need which helps us do a good action while also cleaning up our stuff. There is a big deposit a few minutes from our house where we can deposit these things
-Friends And Family: In some cases, we want to get rid of something that is in very good condition and could be used by someone that we know. We’re always happy to give away furniture for example
-Facebook: I don’t know if you’ve tried this before but it has worked wonders for us. If we have a book, something that is of value and we’d like to give to someone we know, we’ll sometimes just offer it up on Facebook and within a few minutes, we’re usually able to both find a home and also help out a friend or friend of a friend. The opposite has also happened on a few occasions, especially regarding baby stuff where we’ve gotten nearly new stuff at very reasonable prices. It’s amazing really and much easier through Facebook since we usually know the person (or have a friend in common)
-Classified Ads: I know that this works well for many friends and at some point I’ll probably give it a decent shot. Using Craigslist for example to get rid of some of the baby stuff might make a lot of sense. The reason I’ve avoided it so far is that it just seems time consuming to post the ad, filter calls/emails, have someone come to see it, negotiate the price and eventually take it (or not). Have you had any experience with such sites?

Do you have any other tips for giving away stuff?

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