My Pledge To Never Stop Learning

Every day, I wake up with a great outlook on the day ahead, or at least try to do so. There are many reasons why that include my family and friends, having a work that I love, etc. The #1 thing for me though is knowing that every day I’m able to learn new things. It’s such an amazing feeling and in some ways, when I meet some older members of my family, that seems to be a huge difference. Those that are still eager to learn, to find out more seem to be happier, in better health, etc.

What I Am Currently Learning

I’m obviously at very different levels in each of these things but trying to get better.. here are a few:
-becoming a better husband and father
-learning Vietnamese
-learning to code Java
-improving my writing skills
-becoming a better runner to graduate to running my first marathon
-improve my general knowledge (things like geography, history, etc)
There are so many different things that I could add including getting better at my job, understanding the markets, etc. For the majority of these, I’m learning something new every single day. It’s not always easy, especially for more technical things like learning a new language or becoming a solid programmer. Why? Because after a day at work and spending a few hours with my family, it’s fair to say that my energy level is not always sky high. Running and sleeping well certainly helps a lot but it’s not always enough. Still, I’m doing my absolute best to set time aside, especially early in the morning to do those kinds of things, when I have more energy and concentration.

I want to take a pledge towards myself to never stop learning, never stop trying to better myself,. What about you? Are you trying to learn anything these days? How is that going?

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