A Memorable Trip To Russia

Today I wanted to post a few more photos from a trip I did last January when my wife and I went to Russia and Spain. Why would I visit Russia, one of the coldest places on earth in the middle of January? Do I just like to miserable? Or as a Canadian, do I just not feel the cold? No,, not exactly:) As most of you know, my wife was pregnant, we wanted to go on vacations and Russia filled a couple of things we were looking for:

-A trip that we had been hoping to do for a long time
-A trip that would be much more difficult to do with young kids

We’d love to go back to Paris or visit South America but Russia was a place we figured would much more of a challenge with a little one. So we headed off for the adventure. It was tricky to even get the visa but in the end, after a few visits to the consulate, we did end up having our ticket and leaving for a quick but still amazing 9 day trip to Russia where we spent 5 days in Moscow, and 4 days in St-Petersburg. Here are a few different pictures from our time over there:

Have You Ever Been To Russia? Do you Intend On Going?

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