Do You Use Reward Programs?

In the past year, I moved into a new place and had my first kid. I live in a residential place but near my place there is one pharmacy (which I’m now going to very frequently), one gas station and one grocery store. After a few weeks of going to those places over and over, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get the reward cards.

It Seemed Like A Hassle

Signing up for those takes time, it means carrying 2 or 3 more cards in my wallet, taking it out every time, etc. Then, I need to get new web passwords, check my points once in a while, etc. For a while it seemed like it wasn’t worth it. Over time though, I became convinced. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I just recently was able to get free airplane tickets thanks to my American Airlines miles. I’ve also been able to get a number of other rewards from Air Miles and from my credit card rewards. The convenient part about paying with a reward credit card of course is the points/rewards but also the fact that I can easily track all of my expenses since I use it fort virtually all of my expenses. The downside of course is that if ever at one point I did not pay my monthly bill on time, I’d get charged interests.

Do You Feel Like Reward Programs Are Worth It?

I guess we each have an opinion. For example, I only subscribe to programs where I know that I will be a frequent user. It’s just not worth it for me to sign up to tens of programs, carrying around those cards just in case I happen to buy at those stores. On the other hand. Having just a few of these cards provides with me 1-2 free vacations every year which certainly makes up for the extra hassle right?

Danger Involved

Of course, signing up for such programs can turn into a trap and end up making my life more complicated. Just today, I spent about 20 minutes looking at ways to get extra points. It can also create temptations to get stuff that I don’t really need or that I would not normally buy, in order to get those extra miles.

Reward Systems That Signed Up For:

-Credit Card: National Bank of Canada Platinum Card (1.5% cash back)
-Air Miles
-Shopper’s Drug Mart
-Air Canada’s Aeroplan
-American Airlines card

What About You?

Do you think these or other reward memberships are worth it? Why? And which ones have you joined?

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