How Often Do You Check Your Email Every Day?

As I continue to work on simplifying my life and my mind, one clear challenge for me is disconnecting from my email. I have a smartphone paid by work and get email from friends and family, about my online business, etc.

Apart from vacations, i don’t aspire to going several days without checking my emails because that might unealistic. That being said, there is a major differece between checking emails 3 or 4 times per day and feel like i’m checking it constantly all day long.

Why I Easily Get Caught Up

I always have my phone (and thus emails), am seating in front of a computer for much of the day which has email alerts set up, an open gmail and outlook at all times, etc. it really becomes a major challenge. I usually check my emails when i wake up, before going to bed and many times when i wake up at night (happens frequently with a 2 month old… Haha).

Issues It Creates

Obviously one clear issue is that it makes it very difficult to disconnect, forget about all of my projects, discussions, plans, etc. it also isn’t ideal when spending quality time with my wife or with friends to have emails remain in my mind. One other thing that i suspect is that the faster i answer emails, the more replies i’ll tend to get which becomes a vicious cycle.

How I Will Address It!

There two things that i’ll try to do in the next few weeks:

-i will try to not look at my emails much if at all on Saturdays
-on weekday evenings, once things are settled at work (at 6pm or so), i’ll leave my phone on my bed to avoid the temptation and break the habit

How Many Times Do YOU Check Emails?

Is it an issue in any way? If so, have you tried anything that has worked? I’d love to hear your thoughts:)

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