How Has My Life Improved In The Last Year?

Today, on my way to work, I started thinking about much things have chnaged in the past year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate and blessed. In the past year I’ve:
-ran my first half-marathon (I’ve discussed how much I love running)
-moved into a new place with my wife
-did an amazing trip to Hawai
-found out my wife was pregnant of a little boy🙂
-did a last trip in the “before kids era” to Russia & Spain
-our little boy came into this world in June:) – baby dragon🙂
-I’ve grown closer to my family, at least in part thanks to my baby’s arrival
-I’ve continued to evolve in my work and continue to be happy going to work every day
-My online company with my best friend continues to evolve beyond
It’s amazing how good things have been honestly! When I look at this list, one thing that strikes me is that nothing “material” is in there. Yes, having some money has helped in many of these projects but it’s so much more about the experiences than anything else. What about you? How is your life compared to a year ago?

How I’ve Done It

I always try to better myself and I’m certainly someone who likes to work off of objectives, which I do on a yearly basis and try to keep in mind during the year. Objectives can be so over-rated but I know that in my case, it works, it really does. I’ll try to write more about this when we get closer to January because I’d love to hear how you do it.

What’s Next?

Obviously, lots more to come in the next few months, probably a lot less travelling but I bet our little boy will keep us incredibly busy:) For one, I’m hoping to catch up on some of the lost sleep (which I know most of you parents will tell me is just not gonna happen), get in better shape (inclduing perhaps a first marathon), see my company reach a whole new level, etc. What about you?

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