How Fast Could You “Start Over”?

If tomorrow morning, you had to leave home for some reason and had only a few hours to pack up your stuff and leave for good, what would you want to bring? Keep in mind that you’d be leaving on an airplane so you would have limited space. What would you bring? In other words, what are your more valued possessions that you’d bring?
Personally, I’d consider myself very lucky to have moved so much of my stuff to the clouds as that would help me keep access to photos, documents, music, books, etc. I would still want to take:
-My laptop
-My mobile phone
-My ipod (can you tell I like tech gadgets?)
-My camera (I know that my phone could be used.. But it does not take that much space right?)
-Chargers for all of those devices:)
-Toothbrush and other hygiene items
-A few good books (reading on screens is good but personally I prefer good old fashioned books)
Then, I guess that depending on where I was headed. Desert island or nice weather would be nice and require few additional items;) What about you? What do you feel you’d need to bring? I don’t know if any of you were fans of “Lost” but when watching a show like that, I always wonder what I would miss most if I was suddenly separated from everything that I own.

And as a side note, what is the quickest you’ve ever packed your stuff for a trip (one that requires a plane ride for example)? Did you end up brining too little or too much?

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