Minimalist Storefronts


We all know about minimalism in general, especially for houses, but from my trip to Asia, here are some more interesting ways to be minimalist, even in your business.

If you have a bike, you have a storefront.



This woman is selling trinkets, but is cycling on her way to a market or a place where she can set up and sell.

If you wanted to buy something, you could also stop her and buy right there and then on the street.



A mom and pop shop.




Almost ANYTHING you could think of tossing can be recycled.

This guy goes around ringing his bell asking for cardboard, string, rice bags, plastic bottles.. absolutely almost anything you can think of.


Here’s what a really hardworking garbage collector looks like.

They collect anything they can from trashbins that could be recycled and then they bring it to be weighed and sold.

This woman has been working all day, perhaps week to collect plastic bottles from tourist-y areas. It’s partly why China is so clean, too.

This is a repair shop of sorts.


This one is a small little shop on a bike that sells grilled meat on skewers.

He works in front of his house.


Cut up some fruit on a stick and you’re good to go.

They sell any kind of fruit from watermelon to jackfruit to pineapples to cucumbers (technically also fruit, as it has seeds).


Everything packs into a bag and all he needs is a little chair and a table.


This cobbler fixes shoes near his home. That’s his wife about to go home and make lunch.

Have a truck full of fruit? No problem.


That does it for my photos from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, but there are also some other cool pictures from India with something they call “velocommerce” (velo meaning “bicycle” in French).

Here are a few of my favourites, and you can check out the rest here at Damn Cool Pics:

You can see more of this Velocommerce in India here.













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